Kitty Garden

Programme Advisor


Kitty Garden is an international development specialist from Aotearoa New Zealand who joined the NZMATES team in April 2018. Kitty brings to NZMATES her extensive experience in the development sector, and her strong knowledge of good practice in delivering development projects.

Fluent in four languages – and working on adding a fifth, Bahasa Indonesia – she has worked internationally on projects related to climate change, energy access, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and livelihood enhancement, and has managed training programs, organised high-level international events, and carried out stakeholder engagement programs.

Most recently she worked at the Council for International Development (CID), the umbrella organisation for New Zealand-based NGOs working in international development and humanitarian response. Here Kitty implemented a new sector-wide Code of Conduct promoting good practice standards in programming, accountability, transparency, safeguarding, public engagement, organisational governance and management.

Kitty was based in Ambon, Maluku, for two years, and now supports NZMATES programme management from Infratec's offices in Wellington.