The NZMATES Programme has been operating for more than two years, delivering services to support PLN, EBTKE, and Dinas ESDM at all stages of the renewable energy project cycle. This ranges from resource assessments and feasibility studies, to engineering, implementation, operation and maintenance, and sustainability support. Examples of the types of support NZMATES is providing to renewable energy projects are shown in the figure below, and more detail can be found on our Project Pipeline page.

Training and Mentoring

NZMATES has also provided training on solar power plants to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders such as PLN, Dinas ESDM, Universitas Pattimura and Poltek Negeri Ambon. The trainings have been delivered by NZMATES technical team and expert engineers from Infratec New Zealand.

NZMATES continues to work with partners to identify training needs and priorities and help build the local capacity needed to develop a vibrant renewable energy sector in Maluku.

For more information, see our Capacity Building page.

Pictures of training activities with partners

Training on solar mini-grids sustainability for PLN and Dinas ESDM


Training on Introduction to Solar PV for students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Universitas Pattimura

Tools and Guidelines

NZMATES has developed tools to support our fieldwork to gather detail technical data as well as information on community’s characteristics, which will inform the team to provide quality recommendations to our partners.



Technical and Socio-economic Assessment Tool

  • Collecting data on technical components’ performance at RE power plant
  • Collecting data on community’s social, economic and cultural aspects, including public services available

Sustainability Checklist

  • Assess technical, operational, institutional, economic, social and safety aspects of an RE power plant to understand its sustainability


Collaboration and Support for RE Stakeholders

NZMATES also works to encourage collaboration between renewable energy actors, attract new players to the Maluku renewable energy sector, and strengthen the enabling environment for renewables to thrive. Work undertaken so far in this area include:

  • Contributed to the development of the draft 5-year strategic plan for the agency (Renstra) Dinas ESDM
  • Support Dinas ESDM for the development of the long-term strategic energy plan (RUED)
  • Support Dinas ESDM to verify Solar Rooftop locations in Ambon
  • Install a solar PV training laboratory, complete with a small off-grid PV array and training equipment at Universitas Pattimura
  • Collaboration with ADB and EBTKE on a refurbishment and asset transfer program
  • Support regular technical committee meetings between Dinas ESDM, PLN and Bappeda Maluku
  • Maintain good relationships with potential international funding and financing agencies, such as the KfW, AFD and World Bank


Pictures of collaboration and support for RE stakeholders:

Verified solar rooftop locations

Regular Technical Committee Meeting

Universitas Pattimura Solar Lab Assessment

Meeting with ADB