Pattimura University Student Putri Shares Thoughts on Maluku’s Renewable Energy Future

NZMATES has been working closely with education institutions in Maluku, including Pattimura University, in order to enhance the renewable energy capacity of local stakeholders. Putri Anjani, Final Year Engineering student, was a participant in the 3-day PLTS training co-delivered by NZMATES and UnPatti in 2019. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Putri about her thoughts on renewable energy in Maluku.

During her primary school years, she saw people in Maluku drying nutmeg and cloves under the sun, and she started to ponder on whether the sun can be utilized in different ways. Her curiosity on the potential of nature around her as well as the awareness that there are still lots of areas in Maluku that do not have access to electricity, made her even more interested in renewable energy. Putri said that renewable energy would especially benefit residents in remote areas.

Putri’s fascination with renewable energy was furthered following the 3-day training in 2019. In addition to learning about the basics of PLTS, batteries, inverters, health & safety, she was also introduced to HOMER and PVsyst. She implemented the skills and knowledge gained from the trainings during her visit to remote areas in the province, where she taught local communities about how to utilize renewable energy in their daily lives.

Still eager to learn more about PLTS after the training sessions, Putri then decided to focus on looking at grounding and protection at the Pulau Tiga solar installation for her final thesis. Putri said that there are still many PLTS that do not meet grounding standards and she hopes that her thesis will assist in solving grounding standard issues for future PLTS in Maluku.

According to Putri, Maluku will become the largest user of renewable energy in Indonesia within the next 10 years and can be an example for other regions in the country. Since Maluku consists of various islands and there are many people living in mountainous regions, the use of RE in Maluku will be profitable, she said. Putri plans to continue her Master studies and aims to work in the technology/energy/oil/mining sector.

We agree Putri, and we are hopeful that we can achieve it, especially with the contribution from Maluku youth such as yourself. Thank you Putri for your dedication towards realizing a sustainable renewable energy future for Maluku!

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