NZMATES collaborates with UNPATTI to create “Pūngao Pattimura Mini-grid Training Lab”

In order to strengthen long-term renewable energy capacities in Maluku, NZMATES has engaged with Pattimura University (UNPATTI) since the beginning of the programme. Various collaborations have come to fruition, including guest lectures from the New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia, and from Infratec Engineer Dr. Andrew Crossland, as well as NZMATES supporting Electrical Engineering Lecturer Antoni Simanjuntak to attend a 4-week Training of Trainers course on off-grid solar PV, that led to the creation of an off-grid solar PV course in the campus. NZMATES has also co-delivered a 3-day solar PV training course for students together with Mr. Simanjuntak.

Both parties also recently proposed the creation of “Pūngao Pattimura Mini-grid Training Lab”, seeing as there is currently no operating real-life solar installation within easy reach for students or other learners to conduct practical exercises and apply their theoretical learning on solar energy. With funding from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through NZMATES, and a contribution from Pattimura University, the lab will be a first for Maluku.

Students will be able to use the installation to apply different loads to the battery/solar PV system, investigate impacts on aspects such as battery cycling, renewable fraction, system efficiency and system reliability, operation and maintenance tasks, and simulate operating conditions of a mini-grid. NZMATES, along with UNPATTI will also develop a series of tests, exercises, materials, and curriculum that will accompany the installation and make the best use of the system. Examples of the tests and exercises would be simulation of village electrification, string testing, and operation and monitoring.

On November 4th, PT Syntek Otomasi Indonesia (Syntek Energy & Control) was chosen as the supplier to install the facilities. The single-phase solar and battery system (PLTS) will be built using an AC coupling system, comprising a solar PV array with a total capacity of 5,67 kWp and a battery with a capacity of 15,36 kWh.

Photo: UNPATTI Electrical Engineering Lecturer Antoni Simanjuntak demonstrating how to measure solar irradiation during a 3-day solar PV training course with NZMATES

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